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A brief introduction to mixing colours and also how to darken them.

How to Mix Colours

how to mix colors oils

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how to paint animals

Making a glass painting palette in under 10 mins - Video

Making a Glass Palette - Video

Making a Tonal Underpainting Video

oil painting equipment supplies

See how I paint a tonal underpainting in just a few minutes in the wildlife art video

Mixing Colours 2

Using the computer to find difficult to mix colours

mixing paint colors transfer a photo to canvas

Transfer a Photo to Canvas - Video

Some possible techniques for transferring a reference photo to canvas 14 min Video


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Wildlife art and oil painting tips, secrets and techniques -  wildlife artist Jason Morgan

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Wildlife Art - Tips - Questions and Answers

Lots of people ask me about materials, supplies etc
Below are the answers and help to some of the most common questions

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Pastels, Pencils and soft Pastels - LOTS o fpeople ask what I use to create my pastel drawing. Well I am still trying out different supplies, and lots of them are slightly different from each other in colour and also hard / softness. But I mostly use these supplies - Carbothello and Derwent pastel pencils for details. Conte sticks to block in. Soft pastels, Like schminke for soft backgrounds also Pan Pastels for soft backgrounds and blocking in. Below are some relevant videos I have on my pastel supplies

How to use Pan Pastels - Beginners lesson

This video shows the basics of using Pan Pastels

How to Sharpen Pastel Pencils

I get asked this a lot - I tested out a lot of sharpeners to find ones that worked well with my pastel pencils, because even though you can sharpen them with a blade - and lots do - I wanted a faster way of doing it. I fond sharpeners that worked - but to keep them sharp, sharpen a graphite pencil in them every few pastel pencils.

The supplies I use for most of my wildlife paintings

Oil Painting Equipment

Oil Painting Answers

Below are some answers to common oil painting questions like what paints I use etc

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