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NOTE - There is no paint mixing shots in this video - but there are PLENTY of details and voice over tips

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Note this is a speeded up / Time Lapse Video

For real time video check out my 8hr Snow Leopard Film HERE

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NOTE - This Video is Time Lapse / Speeded Up

And shows the whole 9 hr painting in 1hr of video

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If you are looking for a real time video check out my

8hr Snow Leopard Video HERE

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Note this trailer is actual video footage - download high quality though

This painting Video is something VERY different! I have compressed the whole 9 hours it took me to complete the painting and used modern video technology to speed up and compress the whole process in to a 1 hour film. With my voice over explaining what I am doing throughout.

Brand New Release 2014

Leopard - Time Lapse / Speed Painting Video

Running Time - 1 hour

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Recent Customer reviews for my African  Leopard DVD

 Just finished watching the video. Totally AWESOME! My favourite AND love the close-up on details. That's what we all need. Thanks Jason for doing such a WONDERFUL video tutorial and I am looking forward to "ALL" of your videos. Again, THANKS !

I have learnt so much in just 1 hour!UK

Your videos and eBooks give me the confidence I need to paint myselfUK

paint a leopard video dvd download paint animals leopard painting

The painting after the final colour glazes - oil on canvas. My techniques work just as well with acrylics too.

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