Oil Painting Made Easy

EVERYTHING You NEED to Know to Start Oil Painting TODAY!


Lots of people would love to paint with oils but just don't know where to start!

A few sample pages from this eBook Tutorial
93 pages of detailed instruction & tips
includes lots of High Resolution full Photos

My eBook COMPLETELY demystifies and simplifies oil painting COMPLETELY!


“I show you the Painting Techniques others leave out!”


I tell you everything - including the exact brands of paints, brushes, varnish etc, I personally use - NO magic brushes, just simple inexpensive standard materials. Perfect for the Complete Beginner / Novice artist.


From the very beginnings of applying paint to painting Seascapes, Horses and MUCH MORE!


Save yourself years worth of trial and error and frustration.



  • OVER 16,000 words!

  • OVER 170 Photos!


Start Painting the Right Way!


Topics covered


  • How to Mix Colours

  • Using your computer to help with composition

  • Paint what you see

  • And so much more


Learn my secrets right now!

Oil Painting Made Easy
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