On My Easel - Volume 2

The second eBook in my popular “On My Easel” series.

Over - 150+ photos + lots more tips and secrets. See how I created my most complex painting “The Great Migration”.

A few sample pages from this eBook Tutorial
56 pages of detailed instruction & tips
includes lots of High Resolution full Photos

This eBook allows you to do just THAT. I have brought together 10 years of my best demos, tutorials, blog and forum posts into the second of this 2 part eBook series.


Save yourself years of trial and error.


You Can Learn to Paint Wildlife Art Today



Just some of the Painting Techniques covered


  • Leopard with texture

  • Cheetah running at full speed

  • Glazes

  • Dramatic Light

  • Painting a Huge painting with numerous animals

  • and so much more!

Learn from a Professional Wildlife Artist

On My Easel - Volume 2
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56 pages
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