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Do you need to buy PanPastels and Pastel Sticks?

I thought I would post this video as I think its important for everyone to know that underlayers can be done in many different ways ie by using different supplies like PanPastels, or pastel sticks or even just pastel pencils and the final result can be almost the same.

You dont need to go out and buy every pastel supply you see (although you can if you want ha.... ), in fact, if you just want to use just pastel pencils for everything you certainly can. As I show in this video.

So why even use PanPastels or / and pastel sticks?

Well the main reasons for me are -

*Using pastel pencils for underlayers will make the pencils wear out fast and you will be buying them a lot more frequently and sharpening them frequently as well. Using Pans or sticks for an underlayer helps to make the pastel pencils go much further as they are used mainly for top details.

*Putting the underlayer in with Pans or sticsk is MUCH faster than pastel pencils.

*Pans are unique in that you can mix them like you would paints, by this I mean you can add a little of one colour to another to tint or change that colour - I have a videos on pan mixing here

*Pastel sticks have a MUCH wider range of colours than pencils or Pans, and the stick colours are more opaque and more vibrant too.

So as you can see, you can do pastels the way that suits you, just keep in mind the potential advantages of Pans and Sticks too - by the way my fav sticks are Rembrandt (they also happen to be one of the most cost effective and you can get them in the handy 1/2 stick sizes).

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