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Pastel Drawing Lessons

My step-by-step pastel drawing lessons and oil painting videos and ebooks show you everything you need to know to take your art to the next level.

Pastel drawing Lessons for beginners

Pastel Pencil & Oil Painting Lessons

Learn to paint & draw animals, pet portraits & more

Are you frustrated that your art doesn't turn out how you had hoped? Or lost as to where to even start?

If so I am positive that animal art my lessons can help you avoid all that frustration, as they have thousands of my students over the years.

Drawing a Lion with pastels

Video Lessons

Learn from my wildlife art video lessons, step by step, Pastels, Oils and more. Beginner to advanced.

Pastel pencil drawing Lesson

eBook Tutorials

See exactly how I create my artwork with these detailed tutorial eBooks. Download immediately.

Reference Photos for artists

Reference Photos

Looking for artists copyright free reference photos to use in your artwork? I have 1,000 photos HERE.

My Animal Art Channel

Hours of Video Lessons

Get INSTANT access to hundreds of hours of pastel pencil and oil painting lessons at a fraction of the cost.

Over 1,500 members  all learning from my art tips and techniques right now!  NO MONTHLY CONTRACT

My Art Channel Member Reviews

Chris left a review


I'm so glad that when I decided to take up pastel art that I found Jason and  joined his Patreon site, I've learnt so much in the three years that i've been a member because he makes everything so easy to follow, i'd highly recommend him if you want to advance in your artwork

Before and After


how to draw  a dog with pastels


Chris left a testimonial


Joining Jason’s Patreon really has had a huge positive impact on my life! Not only have I found a hobby I love, I have improved enough to sell some work, and to raise money for animal charities through donating paintings. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from the Patreon site and the fantastic, supportive fb group that accompanies it. Fantastic value too. I highly recommend joining.



how to draw a horse pastel pencils




I found Jason via youtube in 2019 and decided to join his patreon group where I found so much advice and helpful tips on using different pastels, even down to how different brands work with each other. Not only this but the support of the entire group has built some amazing friendships! I'm now an SAA Professional Artist of the Year finalist and have my own collectors across the UK, America & Australia, and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today, had I not stumbled across Jasons incredibly precise tutorials!



how to draw a cat with pastels




I really enjoy the tutorials because on one side I learn so much and on the other side it challenges me to try my own ideas and to improve. The improvement I can see myself is amazing.



how to draw big cats pastel pencils


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