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Bypass years of trial and error - Learn from my 25 + Years of Experience !

Bison - Pastel

A superb 2 1/2 hr lesson in creating fur texture and depth.

  • Immediate Download

  • Keep on your device forever

  • 150 minutes

  • 3 videos


Some screenshots from this video tutorial

Pastel Video Tutorial

In this  detailed 2hr 30 min lesson you will see exactyly how I created this dramatic Bison portrait. As with all my videos its packed with tips and techniques. Everything from the initial under layer to fine details.

Pastel Video Tutorial

The ref photo I used is by  - Gary A. Peters (from - wildlife Reference photos . com) and should be purchased from them if you want to draw this exact Bison as I have. There are LOTS of free Bison photos that are similar on free photo sites online.

Pastel Video Tutorial

Get my 45 min video - Picking and matching colour - FREE - with this Bison video!

If you are getting frustrated knowing which pencil colour to choose and want to get better at matching the colours on your reference pphotos then this video is a complete game changer - what you will learn in the video will save you years of trial and error.

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