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My Animal Art Channel

Take the frustration out of learning pastels and start to enjoy them now on My Art Channel

Do you want to learn pastels but just don't know where to start? What supplies to buy, or how to just begin a drawing? Or are you more experienced and want to take your art to the next level?
If so I am sure I can help.

Colourful insect drawing

Teaching art online for over 25 years!

Hi, I'm Jason Morgan, my goal as always been the same, to teach artists the techniques I have learnt over decades so they can avoid all the trial and error themselves and get right on with enjoying art as quickly as possible.

I love nothing more than seeing my art club members improve faster and further than they had ever hoped.

My Art Channel
Over 1,500 members!

Animal Art Lessons for all abilities,
complete beginner, intermediate and super advanced

Member Reviews



I can't even begin to express how big of an influence Jason, his tutorials and the online companionship of his Morganauts have been on me as an artist. I've grown not only in technique but in confidence. Thank you and hopefully you will continue to help us all.







At first I had no luck. Wrong paper, wrong pastels and no idea how I could get the realism I wanted. Disheartened, I put my pastels sticks away and my failed paintings in a drawer and decided it wasn’t for me.

Then while looking up wildlife art on YouTube I stumbled on Jason Morgan. I couldn’t believe you could get those results from pencils.  And they were pastels! It blew me away. This was what I had always dreamed of doing.… fast forward 2 yrs … I have now completed more than 15 paid commissions, held 3 exhibitions and as a bonus sold many, many artworks. Not in my plans!

I have never looked back. I am now 61 yrs old and the support of Jason and the patreon group have been priceless. It’s like having another family.







I started drawing about two years ago and soon found myself struggling with coloured pencils to get good highlights in my bird drawings. until I was directed to pastels and Jasons Patreon  tutorials.

Every video on Jason’s Patreon site was packed full of a myriad of little hints and tips that he wants us to share from his many years of experience and I eagerly await each new video to find some new tips.

He manages to gently take you through the processes as he expertly creates another new masterpiece.

Every day that goes by, that I am proud to be associated with his many award winning pupils  and  their amazing work that they have all learned to create. Many of them, who like me, were just starting out a few months ago.







I have been with Jason Morgans group since 2019, I had a little knowledge of pastels but not enough to make me love them, then the revelation, I joined his group, his way of teaching and tutorials are beyond compare,  I now have the ability to draw whatever I  want with confidence.

june pastel dog
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