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Wildlife Art Videos

Save years of trial and error by watching my highly detailed art videos. These videos take you from the initial drawing to the completed painting / drawing. In them you will see the exact techniques I use to create my realistic artwork. In my opinion these are the most detailed and informative videos on the market, and will take your artwork to the next level fast.

All available as a digital download

Lion Pastel

Serval - Pastel

See EXACTLY how I did it in this fantastic 3hr 30 min video set.

From $25

Bison Pastel

Bison Pastel

A superb 2 1/2 hr lesson in creating fur texture and depth.

From $20

Piglet Pastel

Piglet - Beginners Pastel

A great lesson to start your pastel journey.

From $20

Lion Pastel Tutorial

Huge Lion Pastel

A MASSIVE 6 hours of video demonstration.

From $40


Leopard Eyes Pastel

In this video series I take you through the whole process.

From $20

Tiger Pastel Tutorial

Tigers for Beginners - Pastel

Do you really want to start pastels but find it all too confusing? This is for you.

From $20

Dog Pastel Tutorial

Bulldog Puppy - Pastel

In this series I take you all the way from the initial sketch to the final Bulldog Puppy.

From $20

Owl Pastel Tutorial

Owl Pastel

I show you just how forgiving a medium pastels are.

From $20

Baby Elephant Pastel Tutorial

Baby Elephant -  Pastel

Watch as I create this stunning baby Elephant drawing

From $40

Wolf Pastel Tutorial

Wolf - Pastel

See EXACTLY how I draw this magnificent Wolf using pastels.

From $20

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