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How I create realism with pastels

Draw Realistic Pastels

Save Years of trial and error – Learn from my 25+ years teaching art.

  • Immediate Download

  • Keep on your device forever

  • 90 pages

  • PDF Format


90 pages of detailed instruction & tips includes lots of High Resolution full Photos

This 90 page eBook is packed with full colour photos.


  • I take you through the whole Pastel process, from supplies you need and don’t need...

  • To why the wrong paper will end in frustration.

  • Packed with tips, techniques that will improve your art right away

  • You will see me building layer upon layer as I bring various subjects including a dramatic Landscape, a cute puppy, a super detailed flower, Tiger fur and a cat to life.

  • My tips to help with colour and tonal matching will be a game changer !

  • Solutions to common mistakes

  • Plus links to my relevant FREE YouTube videos


As well as being a superb stand alone book, it is also a great accompaniment to my full length Patreon channel videos.

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