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Bypass years of trial and error - Learn from my 25 + Years of Experience !

Pastel Masterclass - Huge Lion

A MASSIVE 6 hours of video demonstration - Learn how I created this Dramatic Pastel Drawing

  • Immediate Download

  • Keep on your device forever

  • 360 minutes

  • 5 videos

$40 SALE TODAY $20

Watch a preview of this video on YouTube

Note music will only appear on YouTube previews, there is NO music on the full length videos

Some screenshots from this video tutorial


In this extremely detailed 6 hr long video series I share the techniques I have taught myself over the last 25 years - so that you can bypass all the trial and error, and improve at a remarkable rate! 

I am known for having some of the most informative/detailed videos out there and this video is no exception. In it you will see everything, from the initial underlayer and blocking in.


How I simplify even the most complicated looking fur into manageable steps, so that I can gradually build details in layers on top of the underlayer, giving the appearance of depth and realism.

Pastel Video Tutorial

Finally I show you exactly how I drew one of the most dramatic mouths possible, a Roaring Lion greater than life size.

If you want your artwork to be more dramatic and literally stop viewers in their tracks, then this video is one you really cannot afford to miss!


NOTE - these are large video files to give you the very best quality - so you will need a broadband connection to download them. PLEASE download each episode fully before downloading the next. 


Comes with the Easy Trace line art and a large photo of my finished painting (or my reference photo), for those that want to get painting fast or who have trouble with the drawing stage.

Remember my lessons are for you to practice and learn. You are not to sell the paintings created by following my videos.

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