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Creating more realism - its not about the details.

Improving your drawings and paintings is almost always NEVER about all the tiny details. But something MUCH more important. Let quickly take you back 25 + years when I was 1st starting to paint, I knew exactly what I wanted my paintings to look like, but they NEVER reached the standard :o( There was something missing. For a long time I searched everywhere for the perfect brush, the ones I saw the artists I looked up to using - that MUST have been what was wrong, right? But after buying all those brushes, my paintings still fell short ;o( It wasnt my brushes and supplies, it was my lack of understanding of what really counted. So whether you are an oil painter or a pastel artist, this video will hopefully give you that lightbulb moment I fourtunateyl had many years ago. Thank you to my wonderful patreon member for allowing me to use their artwork.

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