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Pastel Pencil Lion Eye Drawing Challenge - Bravery test - Draw Along

Hi everyone, so here is a pastel pencil art challenge video for you , I show you how I did the one eye - then its up to you to draw that AND then do the other eye on your own. You will learn all the drawing / pastel techniques required in the video - then apply them to the other eye and build your confidence ! Watch the whole video 1st before starting As mentioned in the video the reference photo is FREE for you to use and is on my Patreon art channel for you to download -

You DO NOT have to join anything at all to get the photo - just go to this page and the image will be below the post - click it to download. -

I would appreciate it if you liked and commented on this video as it helps spread the word and I can then do more of these free art lesson videos for you all.

If you would like to share your finished drawing, please share on my Facebook post -


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