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Bypass years of trial and error - Learn from my 25 + Years of Experience !

Red Kite Oil Painting

Watch as I paint this magnificent Red Kite in this detailed video set - Over 3 hour 20 mins long.

  • Immediate Download

  • Keep on your device forever

  • 200 minutes

  • 4 videos


Some screenshots from this video tutorial

Pastel Video Tutorial

Follow me as I take you through the painting process, from building up the initial paint layers and creating that fierce eye.

Pastel Video Tutorial

To tackling complicated feather structures with my logical methods, with tips and instructional voice over throughout.

Pastel Video Tutorial

Extreme Close-ups when painting the details. You get to see exactly how I painted this majestic bird of prey - fromstart to finish.

Pastel Video Tutorial

Comes with the Easy Trace line art and a large photo of my finished painting (or my reference photo), for those that want to get painting fast or who have trouble with the drawing stage.

Remember my lessons are for you to practice and learn. You are not to sell the paintings created by following my videos.

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