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Bypass years of trial and error - Learn from my 25 + Years of Experience !


Serval - Pastel

Serval - pastel - One of my most dramatic drawings EVER! See EXACTLY how I did it in this fantastic 3hr 30 min video set

  • Immediate Download

  • Keep on your device forever

  • 210 minutes

  • 3 videos


Some screenshots from this video tutorial

Pastel Video Tutorial

Do you struggle to create realism in your artwork? To get the fur just right? If so learn from my 25+ years teaching experience and save years of trial and error.

Pastel Video Tutorial

Creating the dramatic and wet looking eyes and my secrets to simplifying even the most complicated and difficult subjects, so that you can build upon layers in a methodical way that just makes sense to do.

Pastel Video Tutorial

Watch as I create the depth of fur by adding multiple layers one on top of the other making it look luxurious. Combined with the dramatic lighting, this video is certainly one of my very best and will sky rocket your own improvement fast ! (includes voice over throughout, as does all my videos ).

Reference photo * - NOTE

The ref photo for this drawing was from wildlife reference  - photographer - Charlotte Fawkes

But there are many free reference photos on sites like Pixabay should you wish to use my techniques to draw something similar.

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