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Pastel Paper Comparison

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

in this video I show you why pastelmat is my favourite pastel paper and compare it against another. This is also an in depth pastel pencil and panpastel lesson - Wolf. Full length "how to draw / paint with pastel" videos on my patreon art channel - Hundreds of hours worth of lessons just $4 a MONTH! over 1200 members. Learn more in 1 hr than a year of trial and error - i will save you money in wasted supplies to,. i show you how to use soft pastels, panpastels and pastel pencils.

Do you want to learn how to draw and paint with soft pastel and pastel pencils? If so I have hundreds of hours of step by step art lessons for the beginner artist to advanced on my Patreon art channel. The site concentrates on wildlife art and animals but there are also other subjects there too. So if you want to bypass years of trial and error take a look today - Patreon Art Channel


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